Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best Cop show on YouTube

It took a while but I've finally finished - part 2 - of the DIE Chronicles graphic novel. And even if I say so myself, it's awesome - despite being lots of hard work to put together by myself.

I think the addition of voices would really add to the experience of a show in this format, so if you know any (or are a) talented VO actor(s) who can record their voice on their own computer and do a great North American accent - let me know.

The novel has developed it's own format, YouTubers and visitors to this blog help shape the story line. It's turned into a Cop Thriller/Horror and the story outline for episode one follows the escape of a copy-cat serial killer called Andrew Mundi. Mundi has escaped for the sole purpose of killing the six people who contributed to his demise before returning to prison to take a lethal dose.

Each of his victims will be off'd according to the roll of Mundi's imaginary die, which appears stigmata-like on the palm of his hand. The only person that can stop Mundi is the intuitive Detective Q, who is also on the list, as he was the arresting officer who brought Mundi to justice.

So far, other characters include a super sharp and logical thinking lap-dancer called Violet whose strange kinship with Q leads to the most unusual crime fighting duo since Monk. Not forgetting William, the jealous career cop who thinks Q is as bad as the scum he puts away.

Here's part 2;

Look forward to suggestions for the next installment.

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