Monday, January 12, 2009

We just got featured!

After three months of hard grind we just got another break!

YouTube has decided to feature the graphic novel spin-off, which means loads of hits and a big audience. To prove it we've got 11,000+ hits in just one day.

So in response I've written the next instalment based on the roll. Check out the group for more info on the roll.

Here you go;

Dark, moody office. A shadowy figure is sleeping off a major hang-over at his desk.

The door bursts open and scrawny looking DI pokes his head round.

Hey Q! Your wife's... sorry ex-wife's on line 2 she wants to know if you can take the kids this weekend. Think she's plannin' a trip to Florida with somebody called Barry?

Q hardly lifts his head.

I'm busy!

(Closing door)
Oh. Yeah and that killer you put away. He's out!

(More interested, to urgent)
Which one?... Don't tell me it's Mundi isn't it!



Q stands with the Boss of the penn a portly man with a limp. All around them is the devastation of Mundis escape. As the Boss talks we see flashes of the escape as it happened. Spread across the video screens.

13 men... I've never lost a man in twenty years and today I lose 13.

Try to concentrate! Ok. Show me what happened!

Layed over various video clips from the screens - re-wound and played back.

As soon as the flap goes down something hits the guard in the face...

...The second guard enters with his gun drawn... standard procedure. A shots fired and Mundi gets out...

...He kills 8 guards on his way out until he finds the laundry van.

The van... mates of Mundi?

We don't know... he get's in the back and the van smashes right through the gates killing 3 more.

Ok. Thanks.

Don't thank me, we should have put him down a long time ago... and now he's out there!

Sorry about the lack of proper script formatting but it doesn't work on the blog. I'm sure you get the idea. So comment away and if you like it I'll make it over the next couple of weeks.

Keep rollin!


  1. Hi,

    I just found out about this project, and it got me very curios, so that I went through all posts.
    At the same time, I must admit that the more I read the more I started feeling a bit disappointed.
    You started off really well, with an interesting, though risky idea (the viewer/die generated story) and territory (sane/insane, where the dices fit really well)
    However, you soon fell into stereotypes and the usual rules of the oh-so-many scary teen films: 7 characters (why?), all beautiful/charming (why?) and quite a few of them are too stereotypical.
    A gratuitous rape scene (why?) and a joker (why?) that would trigger too much action too soon, and would move it from a psych thriller into the dull territory of "teens in the middle of nowhere haunted by a monster/serial killer".
    At the same time, you have overlooked some potentially original and interesting inputs, such as "the twins sleeping together" (a big input, but not too big to handle if you're a good storyteller), "one character alone for the whole film", "fake dice controller by a group member". Other inputs were interesting, too, but not so original (ex. "one of the character isn't real").

    The framework of teens hanging out in a secluded place, and later something bad/weird happens has been exploited so much that you have to run away from stereotypes as if you were running for your life. If dices lead you to a dull plot, it may show that films can't be randomly generated. So you'll have to choose between an interesting film written by humans, and a dull films generated by chance.
    What will you choose?

  2. I always intended to make a psychological teen horror movie. Idealists can visualise a "better" movie that can be made and it has already. A French filmmaker made the concept movie one man and a die. Paramount plan to make the movie of the book.

    We have a great screenplay, it's a fun - darkly comic horror and I can't wait to make it. The animatic novel is here to continue the experiment of collaborative and chaotic story-telling. So both options are covered.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Keep rollin!

  3. PS - In response to all your (whys?) those were the user viewer generated ideas. I felt the same as you and decided it was better to write a good film.

  4. Thanks for your replies,

    I saw the viewer generated ideas and agree with your choice.

    Good luck with your film!

  5. By the way, my "why?"s were not "where did it come from?" but rather why feature it. Maybe you can ask viewers not only to come up with an input, but also to justify it and see how it could expand within the storyline...

  6. so yeah, this is nightrider2k8 from youtube, i love the way this is going and cant wait for the next part to be released on youtube

    also, are you gonna use that song in anyway
    the linkin park one.....
    if not, thats ok, but i thought it would suit the scene, well the begging anyway, then him braking out with the song playing over the top, but in the chorus....

    Keep Rollin!!!!

  7. Evening all, just a quick nod in to say "hi" and let you know that the script for DIE is coming on very nicely indeed and that there might, or might not, even be the slightest of homage nods to what's happening in the DIE Chronicles, so...obviously I can't reveal more or the Producers would have to have me kill all of you in increasingly inventive ways and then eat my own laptop, but...I've a feeling followers of this Blog will enjoy the result when it surfaces. Until then, keep rolling:


  8. very interesting. Love the Idea.