Monday, November 3, 2008

Keep on rollin!

I feel it's time to let the dice make some decisions. Forgive me for sounding political but let's get back to basics. Who, if anyone, is our main character? If we are to follow the structural guidelines of the movie making world we need a main character (protagonist) and an influential or impact character (antagonist). Let's look at an example of this in a  contemporary movie.

'30 Days of Night' - I thought this was one scary movie, I had to accompany my wife to the bathroom and stand watch for two days after we watched this film.

WARNING - SPOILER ALERT -  skip the bold text if you haven't seen the movie.

Main Character - Sheriff Oleson played by Josh Hartnett

Impact Character - Marlow played by Danny Huston

If you've seen this movie you might think Melissa George is the impact character, but the impact character in Horror movies is usually the villian and can be described as the character who has the most impact on the main character. Think about it... Josh and Melissa are in love even though their relationship is over, they spend most of the beginning of the movie trying to avoid each other. It's not until the actions of Marlow and Josh's bid to save Melissa, that they realise how precious their moments together are.

Ok, let's do this;

1. K, is the main character, Ludmilla is the impact character

2. Ludmilla, is the main character, K is the impact character

3. Ginnie is the main character, Stuart is the impact character

4. Mature student is the main character, The Twins are the impact characters

5. Roll separatley to find out who the main character and impact characters are

Main: 1-K, 2-Ludmilla, 3-Ginnie, 4-Stuart, 5-Twins, 6-Mature Student

Impact: 1-K, 2-Ludmilla, 3-Ginnie, 4-Stuart, 5-Twins, 6-Mature Student

6. There is no main character, they all share the role to a greater or lesser extent.

I'll roll the dice on the stroke of midnight two days from now. Keep posted!

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