Sunday, November 2, 2008

Confused? Here's how this works.

It has come to my attention that many of you might be confused as to how this blog works.  Especially those who only follow by email and don't receive all the comments.  Unfortunately, I'm using Goggle's Blogger for this blog and it's not well designed for this purpose.

If you've been following the action so far and not read the comments then it might seem as if we've jumped through the process.

Here's a very quick summary;

I came up with the inital film synopsis -> You guys voted for insanity theme -> We decided to include drugs in the movie -> Should we follow a sturcture?  No votes -> One voter suggested we let the readers decide how to restrict the movie ->  The readers came up with story ideas rather than restrictions -> I rolled the dice to see which options we should go with ->  The dice said 'All' ->  I decided to try and structure all the ideas into a plot.

If this doesn't explain, then start here...

So, as experiments go I think it's been very successful so far.  We have a great deal of interest in the movie.

Shall I;

A. Keep developing the first story draft to the end.

B. Re-work the story opening according to Allin's excellent comments (see below)

Comment by Allin @ on the last post.

"Ok, Good. It's shaping up nicely..."

"Don't try to fill it with too many BIG IDEAS or the film will very quickly get lost, overcomplicated and confusing to watch."

"You're making a psych horror for the teen market. So strip out anything irrelevant. Take them out now before they get written too much into the core and you get bound by them.
I suggest:
- Lose the helicopter sounds. It's irrelevant.
- Lose the ECT equipment. (How contrived is that?)
- Lose the fact the twins are sleeping with each other. That's a whole other complex issue and to do it justice will take half the film. I cannot stress strongly enough that if you keep this idea you will lose the film. IT HAS TO GO!! Just having a pair of twins who dislike each other (needs a reason) is enough. Keep it simple - this is for the teen market, so bickering siblings are something the audience can identify with. As the story grows this can grow to hate and manifest in violence. But incest? You should lay off that one completely!
Another thought:
There's many strong reasons why every succesfull slasher film follows the strict formula of 7 teens in a desolate abandoned location being picked off one by one. Trust me on this: There should be 7!
Only really amateur slasher films with stories that get stuck or don't pan out will have 6 or 8 characters.
Check it out with your own DVD collection. Every slasher film (that works) has 7.
Get rid of one of your 8.
I look forward to seeing how it shapes up.
All the best,
Allin Kempthorne"


  1. I agree with Allin's insightful comments. Definitely only seven students. It's practically the law.

    And, please, heed his words and forget the "Flowers in the Attic" ickiness. Or, if you prefer, the "House of Yes" ickiness. Unnecessary, and... well, icky.

    Also, must Ludmilla get raped? Or, if she must, could it perhaps be suggested, rather than graphic? I understand the need for the shock factor, but sometimes the most shocking thing is an audience's imagination.

    Oh, and the cannibalism thing? Okay... but, can she at least cook him?

    Otherwise, it certainly sounds like its shaping up to be a little out of the ordinary, as these things go. Former-model mature-age student is a particularly nice touch.

    Looking forward to the next Act...

  2. Christopher FosterNovember 2, 2008 at 6:22 AM

    Hey. Have you figured out a way around your 'Don't make the movie' suggestion? Because I've had an idea that may help.

    Start a new movie with the exact same premise under a different name (basically just change the name).

    That way you're not making that movie anymore. Whether you choose to discount all suggestions so far or keep them on board regardless is your call.

    Just a thought.