Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Six is all - The Dice Man inspired movie is rollin!

So here it is and just to prove it, I filmed the roll, although (as my wife pointed out after the fact) not technically a roll.... sorry about that!  I thought about doing it again but that wouldn't be fair.

Well that's certainly opened things up a bit!!

Here's a list of the pieces which we now have to build a puzzle from;

Eight students looking for the ultimate alternative experience decide to lock themselves away in a house for a week in the French Alps, with a bagful of drugs and furtive imaginations.  On the drive over, one of them reads The Dice Man and convinces the other students that the ultimate alternative experience would be to adopt his rules for the rest of the week and leave their descisions to a chance roll of the die (think Russian Roulette but with dice).  What starts as a fun experiment soon becomes as serious as life and death.  Their alternative experience becomes a struggle for survival as all boundaries are crossed and some take to the amoral lifestyle like it's  second nature.

The actors film each other with hand held cameras.

Smoothly carjack a vehicle to get to the house.

One cast member is raped and beaten by a man wearing a 'Joker' mask just yards from the house.

One member finds a magic mushroom field.

Another finds a recently-dug shallow grave of a headless young girl.

Constant mysterious dead-of-night helicopter landings and take-offs, lit up through dense fog, can be heard from over a hill.

A subterranean tunnel is found under the Aga - a tunnel which smells unbearbly rancid.

One of the characters speaks no English.   Another idea is one of the characters could be deaf or mute.  I like the idea of a character not being able to speak English.  Perhaps a Japanese or French student?  That would add some conflict and interest as well.

One of the characters isn't real (existing only in the mind of one of the others - an imaginary friend/nemesis)

One character spends the entire main story of the film alone and away from the others, dicing by himself.

you don't do a script at all - just bring a dice and let the actors suggest 6 options of the story as you film them and let the dice decide the direction of the film

don't make the movie - must have a negative option

each person is a character from a movie chosen by the dice

they end up finding out the dice is a fake dice controlled by one of the members of the group

they encounter a zen master

start filming today

That's quite a list and some controversial options....  Start filming today and don't make the movie.  These two are really the most challenging.  How do I start filming today and not make the movie.  Well you could say that I've already starting filming... I filmed the dice roll/shake :)

If I don't make the movie, then how can I also adhere to the other whims of the dice?  I'm going to need some help here!


  1. So really the person has done nothing (except some brainstorming). Wow good for you internet guy. maybe tomorrow you can be inspired by Jackson Pollock. You could think of colors you would use and ways of moving the paint. But just make a list of your options online, don't do anything. I like how one option was, "Meet a Zen master". Easy on the production value, and concise ideas there. There is one roll/shake of the dice and it's not very entertaining. I say we only watch as a means of playing craps based on his rolls.

  2. I have to disagree with you Joe Mama, I liken this project to a work of art by Damien Hirst and not Jackson Pollock. Take any of Mr Hirst's enormous and arguably beautiful pieces in formaldehyde, he came up with the concept and then motivated the hundreds of people to help him create the finished articles. The point being he did not simply sit on his backside and criticize other more motivated artists ... or "internet guys" such as yourself!

  3. I'm with you q.t. - think the idea is really fresh and wait to see how it plays/rolls out!

  4. Thanks for your supportive comments!

    I think it's time I solidified this into a story. I'm going to take some liberties and build everything we have into a cohesive structure that works around the sanity theme. It might take a week, so please be patient but I am sure that the results will be rewarding. So watch this space!

    In the meantime if you have any comments please keep them coming.

  5. The Dice Man! Do you remember that too? Must have been at least 20 years ago!

  6. Good luck and I look forward to more updates from your roll out.

  7. Some great ideas there, It'd be good to see how you develop them. :)

  8. Should you leave things to luck? I think it's an interesting experiment though you might be better of getting inspired by simply walking and sight seeing.. I do!

    - A

  9. sounds like a great idea, can't wait to see how it's gonna develop :)