Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's kick this off!

So far there's only twelve of you who have actually subscribed...  Don't fear, at this stage we want to take it easy, find our feet so to speak.  The best way to get more subscribers is to recommend people.  

So if you think you know somebody that might be interested...

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ENOUGH PLUGGING and on with the show!

I've actually had some great responses already (unfortunately not in the comments for all to read) and a great initial topic to put to the vote.

Anthony suggested that the 'life and death' theme wasn't a strong enough issue for the film to 
explore and felt it would be better to deal with sanity/insanity.  So this is the moment we find out if the blog is going to work....

Should the thematic issue of the film be;

A.    Is insanity born or bred? Are we all capable of moments/actions of insanity?  Are modern psychiatric techniques effective?  Do drugs induce insanity?  What is the link between sanity and morality?

B.    Is the survival instinct stronger than love?  Do we respect morality or survival?  Is any cause worth dying for?

C.    Is the society we live in the right way forward?  Are we denying our basic instincts?  If we give up our individuality, right of choice and ego are we truly free?

To vote on the theme you would like to see the movie follow then please email me thediceman@geekfabrique.com.  Thanks we appreciate your involvement.

I'm sure all of the above will be included in the film at some point, but what we need to decide here is what the main theme will be.  The theme is the topic the film explores the most from every angle and might even suggest an answer although you should see all view points.

Here's another plot summary of the book from Wikipedia to inspire you;

"The book tells the story of a psychiatrist named Luke Rhinehart who, feeling bored and unfulfilled in life, starts making decisions about what to do based on a roll of a die. Along the way, there is sex, rape, murder, "dice parties", breakouts by psychiatric patients, and various corporate and governmental machines being put into a spin. There is also a description of the cult that starts to develop around the man, and the psychological research he initiates, such as the "F*&! without Fear for Fun and Profit" program."


  1. Hey, this is Ant, the guy that mentioned the insanity plot line.

    Lets get the blog rolling then!

    On the subject of insanity, it could also pose the question of what the consequences are when free will is totally disregarded and everything is left to the chance of the dice. Potentially someones sense of identity could be totally de-stabilised/lost as our choices define us.

    This could provide an interesting angle of character unbalance where you find people that are ordinarily confident finding themselves in a position of uncertainty and out of their comfort zone and vice versa. The 50 year old middle class woman that's never taken any chances realises through the dice that she actuall enjoys murder, for example.

    Although I don't think you should solely base the storyline around drug usage, combining the mental unbalance at some point with some strong hallucinogenic drug abuse could help create a nicely unhinged element of paranoia.

  2. I prefer 'A'.

    To heck with emailing, I'm leavin' it in the comments, yo.


    Keep participation simple.

    I'd really like to see psych drugs outed in a critical way. Here's a link to my collection of news stories on the subject:


  3. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your input and it's totally ok to post your vote in the comments. There's no hard and fast rules.

    If anyone else is finding it difficult to use this blog then send me an email. thediceman@geekfabrique.com

    I've had a couple of complaints, so feel free to email me your comments and I'll post them for you.

    Also, I've received an exciting email from the author of the Dice Man. More about that in the next posting....



  4. Hi, Ian from Dice Productions here.
    I have literally just stumbled across this so I'm not totally in the loop, but certainly sounds interesting.

    First off, I'm a massive fan of the novel (the name Dice Productions is a coincidence by the way) and have always wanted to see a film of the story produced. Apparently Paramount have the rights hidden away, but I'm not sure of the status of that. A story emerging from the novel seems like a good direction to take.

    I'm a scriptwriter and journalist, so I'd be happy to lend a hand with any ideas or writing for the project. Admittedly, I haven't looked over how you are playing this in too much detail.

    Just declaring an interest I suppose and backing option A as it remains true to the sentiment of the book. Although, there is no reason why a mixture of the options can't be covered by one script. Just adds depth.

    I would however be wary of being too derivative, I think it needs its own path too.

  5. Hi Ian,

    Thanks for joining us!

    It's great to have an experienced writer on board.

    More info can be found here http://gagdirectors.blogspot.com/2008/10/dice-man-cometh.html



  6. A

    I believe that people with strong moral sense will never let themselves to experience something insane or really different from their grind, and if they make it, their concept of insane is so small that would be nothing compared to an act of an open minded person. If taked drugs or get sick maybe the moral invidual can get insanity but I doubt this one would make it as it for him/her would be already insane.

  7. I agree with what nothing said in every day life, but I do think the sanity is dependant on the extremity of the dice actions. In the book the dice call murder, rape etc

    Maybe the focus is not sanity/insanity but a sub story, but it's certainly an angle worth exploring. Maybe one member of the group loses it adding intensity to the rest of the happenings.

    Still think it would be cool if each of the 'players' perspectives on the same 'game' were explored.