Friday, October 31, 2008

Giving it the full treatment!

Ok, not quite a full treatment, no point in posting 50 pages of film treatment on a blog.  So here's the abridged version for starters.  Don't forget this is based on the comments received so far on this site - if you don't like something, speak up and we'll discuss the options.

Just like to give a special mention to Joe Mama for inspiring me to knuckle down and write this, honestly I was unaffected by your comment, didn't phase me in the least.  If I'm ever in LA we should meet up and go out for a drink or a long walk off a short pier.  I'll be right behind you!

Sorry I digress...

Here's the jumping in point, don't forget this is only a first stabb and the first time I've written something openly like this in such a rough form.  It makes me nervous to think it may be shot down in flames before it's had a chance to breath and mature.  Well here goes;

Eight students - Meet them

Take it for granted that everyone is either a classic beauty or unconventionally attractive.  This is a horror/thriller for the teen market, you want to sleep with these people despite the fact that some of them are up their own behinds.  They are Psych students!  Nothing against psych students, in fact I would love to hear from you if you are one, my wife was one.

Stuart, self-confessed son of a rich man (total lie!) and all round playboy, you gotta love his energy though.

Ginnie, back stabbing bitch with a super quick tongue, she's funny but you'll love to hate her.

K, he's one of those people who has denounced his parents and his name, he's just known as 'K'.  Annoying.

Ludmilla, Russian exchange student who is blind in one eye/partially sighted.  Boys quite often sit on her blind side just to stare at her chest.

Twins, non-identical brother and sister, one's a psych student the other hates psycho-babble... seem to hate each other but are actually sleeping together.

Mature student, he is an ex-model who has decided to re-educate because well lets face it, he can't model any more.

Final student... you decide.

If you think any of these sound stereo-typical don't forget we're going to strip down all these layers and reveal the primitives within.  Plus any character will sound stereo-typical when condensed into one sentence.  Ok, enough being defensive!  On with the story.

Our students all attend some polytechnic in the UK and we start in the lecture theatre.  K is filming the lecture as usual (best way to keep notes), plus he's become a little obsessed using his camera.  Its rumoured he films himself and posts it on youtube.  The lecture is the last before winter break and Luke the lecturer is telling the students that to really understand psychosis they need to push their own inner boundaries.  The group breaks and Luke chucks a book - The Dice Man - at K.

Fast forward to the journey to France.

Six of the team are in K's VW Camper van, they constantly talk psycho-babble or sing along to rock songs, flirt and take the piss out of each.  Ludmilla seems quiet. Stuart and Ginnie are following in Stuarts Dad's flash car, actually it's stolen Stuarts Dad died two years ago.  On the Euro-tunnel the girl twin heads-off to the toilet on her own, when she comes back she's is completely freaked out by a man in a joker mask.  She tells the crowd who have mixed reactions and try to analyse her irrational fear, Stuart teases her about having an imaginary sex friend and accuses it of being "just a rape fantasy".  

K and male twin have shared the driving so K has almost finished reading The Dice Man.  Ginnie has been banging on about having an alternative experience and testing their inner boundaries... so to impress her K suggests The Dice Man method of leaving decision to the roll of the dice.  It's a split decision with some sceptics.

The team hit France and paranoia sets in, they constantly hear the sound of helicopters above the car and van, but can't see anything (ala.  Goodfellas).  A roadside stop and K, catches Stuart and Ginnie at it... He's jealous.  Ginnie comes up to him later and hands him a die, which suggests she had rolled to decide to sleep with Stuart.

Night time and the team are finally winding up the mountain roads after an exhausting drive.  They can't wait to get to the house, which when they arrive is cold, dark and in the middle of nowhere.  Ludmilla seems the most freaked out, she blames it on not being able to see in new surroundings.  

We've reached plot point one, which could be described as the new world order...  It's at this point that we define a new world and the characters have to deal with being out of their comfort zone.

K with the help of Ginnie, manages to convince the team that whilst in the house and for the rest of the trip they should live by the dice.  He appeals to their sense of adventure and inquisitive Psych nature.  Eventually all agree, some a little reluctantly.  They throw to see who sleeps where and some have to share beds.  The process is broken by Ludmilla who has found a shallow grave in the garden, whilst having a cigarette outside.  While arguing that it's just someone's dead dog, the corner of a dress reveals more.  They roll the dice and are forced by the first major dice decision to dig up the grave.  It's the body of a headless girl and the lack of rigour mortice/fresh blood suggests that the body hasn't been there long.  Ludmilla loses it the most and runs off into the woods... Male twin follows.

An argument breaks out over what to do with the body. Stuart suggests they roll for it.  Eventually it seems like the dice are the only way to resolve the issue and becomes the best option.  You decide what happens here!

Ok we need to build on the story and the characters emotional state as we get to what's known as the midway point.  The midway point is where the whole plot turns on it's head.  So look out for it.  Here goes.

Some group members decide it's time to break open the alcohol (who can blame them, I would). Whiskey, champagne, wine, beer... roll the dice.  Inhibitions and tongues start to relax, the shocked group members (apart from K, twin male and Ludmilla, who are absent) are dealing with the situation as only Psych students know best, they talk about it.    

Meanwhile,  our absentees are in the woods (night-vision on), through the trees we see Ludmilla who doesn't notice a man in a jokers mask coming up on her blind side as she squats at the bottom of a tree, shivering.  What ensues is a horrific rape scene between said joker and Ludmilla, all the time filmed by mysterious POV cameraman....

Does he roll the dice to decide to save her, watch, join in or get help?

I've just realised that this has turned into a very long post... I'm sure the MTV generation has already tuned out.  Perhaps we should split this up.  I'll continue in a couple of days, in the meantime keep commenting and discuss the sketchy parts.  I realise some of you aren't going to like it much so please be constructive with your criticism.

Additional ideas;

Once they reach the house it never gets light again.

In basement of the house they students find ECT equipment and decide its a good idea to shock people into telling the truth.

The dice games reach a pinnacle when the female twin eats her dead brother, who she's secretly in love with.

The dice tells two of the group to behave like rabid dogs and they never break character even seeming to have dog like strength and agility, as they pray on the weak members of the team.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Christopher FosterNovember 2, 2008 at 7:58 AM

    I don't think Polytechnic universities exist in the UK anymore.

    Plus, I thought they were psych students?