Saturday, October 25, 2008

Digital feature film inspired by a book and created by a blog!

Forgive the title, but the more blog savy I become the more I understand the need to optimise certain aspects to entice more readers.  

So what happened?

We were going along at a fine old pace... questions... voting and then this last week... One vote!  Plenty of great comments but only one vote!  Please advise me as to why you felt uninspired to vote this time.  It's important to keep the momentum going, so I just got to know.  Maybe, it's a bit slow with only one post a week.  I've been told by other bloggers to keep posting regularly, so let's give it a go.  We'll call this round rapid-fire.  Thanks to ABW for the great suggestion and in response we'll alter the format slightly.

"6 options to further expand and detail the options in A) and B) and then roll." - ABW

In fact let's make it simple, I say we restrict the actors and film by imposing some Dogma style rules to this already challenging project.

And in response to another great comment from Warren, I'm going to let you guys come up with the restrictions.  Here's my example - No conversation for the first 30 mins of the movie.   Give me six options by Monday night and I'll roll the dice to see which one is the winner.  I'll announce the winner on Tuesday and hit you with another quick round of questions.  By the end of the week we'll have a more solid story, well that's the plan!

So there it is!  The film is in your hands people so get commenting.


  1. The actors film each other with hand held cameras.

  2. In the first 30 minutes:

    1. Smoothly carjack a vehicle to get to the house
    2. One cast member is raped and beaten by a man wearing a 'Joker' mask just yards from the house
    3. One member finds a magic mushroom field
    4. Another finds a recently-dug shallow grave of a headless young girl
    5. Constant mysterious dead-of-night helicopter landings and take-offs, lit up through dense fog, can be heard from over a hill
    6. A subterranean tunnel is found under the Aga - a tunnel which smells unbearbly rancid

    Or, do all 6 if you roll a '1'. Helluva'n opening 30 minutes. James Wan-style...

  3. Whole thing seems a little vague at the moment. Surely first you need to define the number of characters, the beginning of the story, why are they doing this etc? Before going ahead and deciding what they are going to find on their travels...

  4. So far we have eight psych students travelling to a house in the French Alps looking for the alternative experience. One of them reads The Dice Man and suggests that living by the dice would be the ultimate experiment.

    Before we flesh out the story we decided on the theme that the film will explore. Sanity was the choice. Then I wanted to know if we should have a tight structure. This was a sticking point with only one vote to count. So here we are deciding that structure shouldn't be strict but your rules should...

    Hope this cleared the confusion a little.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hi.
    Allin Kempthorne here from The Weird World of Wibbell.

    Hmmm. No dialogue for first 30 mins? Although it's an interesting idea from an artistic and experimental view, it could head towards being a highly uncommercial film that no one will ever wish to have to sit and watch!! Maybe this idea also scares off your voters!!

    In keeping with your idea of restrictions breeding creativity, while still keeping the film as venture worth investing in, how about some of these options:

    1. One of the characters speaks no English.
    2. One of the characters isn't real (existing only in the mind of one of the others - an imaginary friend/nemesis)
    3. One character spends the entire main story of the film alone and away from the others, dicing by himself.

  6. Just new here - sweet idea.

    Now, I don't think that there should be no dialogue in the first 30 minutes. That's tough to market, tough to watch, just could go wrong in so many ways. Thats 1/3 of the film.

    I like the idea of a character not being able to speak english. Japanese exchange student? French student even. Something like that. That would add some conflict and interest as well.

    Another idea is one of the characters could be deaf, or mute. Now this could create some intense storytelling - so many situations could spawn from this. It could also be used as a thrilling device in some situations.


  7. 1. you don't do a script at all - just bring a dice and let the actors suggest 6 options of the story as you film them and let the dice decide the direction of the film

    2. don't make the movie - must have a negative option

    3. each person is a character from a movie chosen by the dice

    4. they end up finding out the dice is a fake dice controlled by one of the members of the group

    5. they encounter a zen master

    6. start filming today

  8. Thanks for all the great suggestions! It's getting close to dice time... I'm going to roll as late as possible to allow for more comments.

    Because there are more than six suggestions I'll roll first for a set of suggestions and then for the individual amongst the set. If that makes sense?

    I really appreciate all the input so far its very inspiring... so keep it coming!

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  10. This is going to be one crazy film..
    I look forward to seeing it!