Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Dice Man Cometh!

This blog is about to be dedicated to a whole new style of conceptual filmmaking.  

A little about me....

I won't bore you, I am a digital filmmaker who has written and directed 8 short films.

A lot about this project...

Inspired by the cult book The Dice Man by George Cockroft under the pseudonym Luke Rhinehart.  If you're a big fan of Catch 22 and American Physco, you'll love it!  Here's a quote from Amazon;

"Inspired by an intriguing happenstance, Rhinehart one day makes a decision. He lists half a dozen options then rolls the die to decide which one he should follow. The result pushes his boundaries and opens up a new set of experiences. Bit by bit, he hands his life over to decisions made by roll of the die. The result is a hilarious, amoral rampage of a novel as he infects others with his ideas and injects a pattern of chaos into the chaotic order of his urbane, successful world."

So here's the pitch...

Eight students looking for the ultimate alternative experience decide to lock themselves away in a house for a week in the French Alps, with a bagful of drugs and furtive imaginations.  On the drive over, one of them reads The Dice Man and convinces the other students that the ultimate alternative experience would be to adopt his rules for the rest of the week and leave their descisions to a chance roll of the die (think Russian Roulette but with dice).  What starts as a fun experiment soon becomes as serious as life and death.  Their alternative experience becomes a struggle for survival as all boundaries are crossed and some take to the amoral lifestyle like it's second nature.  Will any of them make it back alive?

And finally here's the concept....

'Will any of them make it back alive' is one of many questions that we will explore on this blog.
This blog will literally write, cast, fund and direct the movie.

Well that's the idea, it's an experiment, much like the movie.  Each week I'll post a question or series of questions, subscribers get to vote or comment and at the end of the next week we'll announce the answer.  Sound good?

Over time we'll develop the script and then we'll move onto the casting.  Post casting clips here, everyone votes etc.  So you see where this is going.  Then all the proceeds made from advertising and donations will fund the final production.  If we only make twenty quid then it'll be a very short movie with my camerawork ;)

So let the games begin...

Next week I'll post the first list of questions, in the meantime, let me know what you think.


  1. What a great idea.. reading this has made me want to read the book... i wish you every success and hope you get loads of input from alll the creative people out there... it's great to give everyone a stake and allow some creativity that is not driven by Hollywood!


    Link to "The Dice Man" @

  3. What a great idea!
    I will definitely keep an eye on this.
    Where in London do you live then?