Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the winner is!

Thank you for all your comments and votes...  Despite a strong anti-drugs policy at the beginning of the week, the 'caners' came through to level it out.  So to tip the scales I've decided that the last comment by 'Info' was in favour of drugs.  How this fits into the storyline is yet to be decided so stay tuned.

Being new to blogging I've decided to do a bit of research to see if I'm adhering to the rules... If there are any!  It seems a good idea to repeat the purpose of your blog every now again for new subscribers.  So follow this link to check out the original post http://gagdirectors.blogspot.com/2008/10/dice-man-cometh.html  lazy!! ;)

Ok, shake off those hallucinagenic blues and let's dive into the structure, or lack of.

So here's a question for inspiring writers... Did the Blair Witch Project have a recongnisable structure?  If not, did it suffer because it lacked a decent beginning, middle and end. Discuss and debate ;)   

I can't help but notice the similarities between this project and the films by the Dogme 95 collective http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogme95.  I once had the privelage of attending a screening of a short film where Lars Von Trier (The founder of Dogme 95) challenged his mentor to make a short film where no shot was longer than 5 secs.  The effect was spell-binding and by restricitng the filmmakers toolset he'd actually given him a new set of brushes to paint with.  It was liberating!

So how do we liberate our story...

A. We will work out a tight structure from beginning to end?

B. We will impose restrictions upon our actors and film.  ie.  No conversation for the first 30 mins of the movie.

C. We let the movie and the dice decide where it will go.

This is the riskiest topic so far and I feel the control of this movie slipping from my hands and into yours.  It's unnerving to hand over so much control, but I must as part of the experiment.  

In my personal opinion 'C' has been done before by a French Director check out the trailer here http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=01E-VzrdNbw .  So I don't want to cover old ground.  But ultimately you must decide.


  1. oh my god. It seems like yesterday that you sent me the link to this but you've already decided loads of stuff. So well done everyone but "bugger" I've missed a load of action. Before getting into the structure question, can I male a suggestion that I'm sure you've already thought of but just in case you haven't: take suggestions about what the next questions will be? Not that I'm dissing your questions so far- great stuff.
    Structure eh. Reading a brilliant book called the black swan (totally recommended to anyone intelligent) at the moment which is all about how we impose meaning and narrative where there usually is none and in many real life cases an incorrect one. But there's no way to take in all the info our senses give us without imposing some order on it. The media often mislead us by imposing structures that they are motivated to impose by financial or other selfish considerations. But artists often reveal truthes by their presentations of "reality" in stories and films. In fact this is probably one of their most important roles. Of course sometimes the imposition of structure can lead to predictable stories, but without it, we might as well just look out of the window. Sometimes looking out of the window is exciting, but rarely. So usually it's nice to be led. I don't actually know which of the three choices all this means I'm for. In my experience though however much i'm inspired as a creator to break moulds and do random, unexpected stuff, as a member of the audience, I will only be satisfied with a well crafted piece that properly pays off what it sets up and is as Aristotle put it: surprising yet inevitable.

  2. 6 options to further expand and detail the options in A) and B) and then roll.

  3. Totally led by the die would be nice, but the end product would most likely be a mess of ideas. I can't remember the options now but structurally I'd like to see a non-linear narrative, maybe skipping between the house, the people before they left and after the 'holiday'. Would make for good character development, would appear 'random' (despite being planned) and keep the audience guessing about whats gonna happen and what significance the events have.

  4. Great feedback guys!

    That's two for A/B and an undecided.

    Where are the girls? Is this a male only blog?

  5. C. We let the movie and the dice decide where it will go.