Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best Cop show on YouTube

It took a while but I've finally finished - part 2 - of the DIE Chronicles graphic novel. And even if I say so myself, it's awesome - despite being lots of hard work to put together by myself.

I think the addition of voices would really add to the experience of a show in this format, so if you know any (or are a) talented VO actor(s) who can record their voice on their own computer and do a great North American accent - let me know.

The novel has developed it's own format, YouTubers and visitors to this blog help shape the story line. It's turned into a Cop Thriller/Horror and the story outline for episode one follows the escape of a copy-cat serial killer called Andrew Mundi. Mundi has escaped for the sole purpose of killing the six people who contributed to his demise before returning to prison to take a lethal dose.

Each of his victims will be off'd according to the roll of Mundi's imaginary die, which appears stigmata-like on the palm of his hand. The only person that can stop Mundi is the intuitive Detective Q, who is also on the list, as he was the arresting officer who brought Mundi to justice.

So far, other characters include a super sharp and logical thinking lap-dancer called Violet whose strange kinship with Q leads to the most unusual crime fighting duo since Monk. Not forgetting William, the jealous career cop who thinks Q is as bad as the scum he puts away.

Here's part 2;

Look forward to suggestions for the next installment.

Monday, January 12, 2009

We just got featured!

After three months of hard grind we just got another break!

YouTube has decided to feature the graphic novel spin-off, which means loads of hits and a big audience. To prove it we've got 11,000+ hits in just one day.

So in response I've written the next instalment based on the roll. Check out the group for more info on the roll. http://uk.youtube.com/group/diechronicles

Here you go;

Dark, moody office. A shadowy figure is sleeping off a major hang-over at his desk.

The door bursts open and scrawny looking DI pokes his head round.

Hey Q! Your wife's... sorry ex-wife's on line 2 she wants to know if you can take the kids this weekend. Think she's plannin' a trip to Florida with somebody called Barry?

Q hardly lifts his head.

I'm busy!

(Closing door)
Oh. Yeah and that killer you put away. He's out!

(More interested, to urgent)
Which one?... Don't tell me it's Mundi isn't it!



Q stands with the Boss of the penn a portly man with a limp. All around them is the devastation of Mundis escape. As the Boss talks we see flashes of the escape as it happened. Spread across the video screens.

13 men... I've never lost a man in twenty years and today I lose 13.

Try to concentrate! Ok. Show me what happened!

Layed over various video clips from the screens - re-wound and played back.

As soon as the flap goes down something hits the guard in the face...

...The second guard enters with his gun drawn... standard procedure. A shots fired and Mundi gets out...

...He kills 8 guards on his way out until he finds the laundry van.

The van... mates of Mundi?

We don't know... he get's in the back and the van smashes right through the gates killing 3 more.

Ok. Thanks.

Don't thank me, we should have put him down a long time ago... and now he's out there!

Sorry about the lack of proper script formatting but it doesn't work on the blog. I'm sure you get the idea. So comment away and if you like it I'll make it over the next couple of weeks.

Keep rollin!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The future of DIE!

In case you missed it 'DIE' is the movie title. Cashing in on a little of the SAW action.

With the screenplay firmly established and financing set to be secured in the states, I've turned my attention back to the blog.

The DIE spin-off graphic novel (this is not the movie)

This is where we get back to being creative as a group. This animatic novel will be created in the same way that we originally started writing the screenplay, but then abandoned because the dice told us too (damn dice!). Examples of what I mean can be seen in earlier posts and here's the prelogue, created by myself.

So the idea is that our villian Andrew Mundi is a copy-cat killer of Z from the film. He's off'd a bunch of his class-mates in the states and is now on death row... My idea is he manages to rip a few heads-off and escape in order to kill the people that put him inside. A little six-sided revenge!

So what happens next? That's what I want to know... please post your suggestions here. As usual everyone gets a credit and the final animatic will be played in cinemas at the end of the movie.


Our community here at The Dice Man blog is growing by the day so here's a little action plan for those who are interested in the dice world.


Dice world is more than just a concept, book or a movie, it's a community. George Cockcroft's dice adventure began life as a subject for one of his university lectures before becoming a cult classic novel. The concept behind the book captured imaginations and a large fan base... what sets The Dice Man apart from other cult classics is interactivity. Communities of rollers still exist today. The book was re-released in 1992 and found it's place on the top sellers-list, sixteen years has passed and it's time to bring the concept to the next generation.


The Dice Man blog - in the spirit of the 'dice concept' challenges the readers to get involved and experiment with 'dice culture'. It's a portal to the world we are creating with the movie DIE and beyond. Each week readers are invited to interact with the community, the film and the challenges of dice culture. Interactive game, graphic novel web series, competitions, web-cams, dice mania and community projects will all be incorporated into the blog as the community and world we create grows.

Interactive game

Flash animated 3D dice, much like the magic eight ball or sex dice. If you can't make a decision then let the dice make it for you. The game will also be packaged as a widget for Facebook and other social networking sites.

Graphic novel web series

A spin-off series of dice related stories brought to life using the latest animated effects made popular by movies such as Persepolis and the I Am Legend series. Readers are encouraged to participate in developing the story for the web series that will play on video social networking sites such as YouTube and as a DVD extra for the movie.


Win a day on set. Win props from the movie. Win signed movie stills... just a few of the prizes on offer.

Web cams

Live 24/7 feeds from the set of the movie. Bloggers can watch the action or lack of and then comment from the blog. See how a movie is really made!

Dice mania

Photos, videos, music and art from the community of dicers. Readers upload their dice related content to inspire others to do something dicey.

Community projects

'The dice challenge' - small communities of dicers around the world will get together once a month for a 'roll and tell'. This could include rolling dice to decide on helping out with community projects and raise funding 'roll and raise'. Investors can roll to find the level of investment and the community will roll to pick a project.

Keep rollin!